MusicWeb International über Markovinas Urspruch-CD – A fascinating creation, … an excellent disc!

[…] There is plenty for the pianist to do here as the level of virtuosity is ferocious. […] There are huge runs and octaves, leaps and tremelandos all going on here at the same time as the opening theme is amplified and augmented to something really quite remarkable. […] sometimes it is hard to believe that only one pianist is playing […] This is an incredible piece and really demands to be heard, especially with a pianist as talented as this. Wow!
The ‘Cavatine and Arabeske’ […] are later works, the writing is simpler although there are plenty of little technical problems which could trip up the pianist – but obviously don’t here. The ‘Cavatine’ is particularly delightful and whimsical and is fantastically played. […] Obviously, Ana-Marija Markovina is more than capable with coping with these apparently sudden changes in mood and the whole thing holds together very well. Again, this is genial and appealing music with plenty of interesting detail.
[It] is a fascinating […] creation and […] a very enjoyable listen. This is an excellent disc!
Urspruch wrote some memorable and interesting music and really deserves to be heard more often and I am very glad that someone has taken up the mantle of playing his works. Ana-Marija Markovina is more than capable of dealing with the sometimes extreme technical demands which this composer makes of his performer plus she is able to play with a lovely singing tone where required. […] The superb recorded sound helps the clarity of the notes and the beauty in the music stand out. She clearly enjoys playing these works and always seems to be aware of what the music is about.
I really wish that Urspruch had written more solo piano music so that there would be more for Ana Marija-Markovina to record.

Jonathan Welsh, MusicWeb International, October 2018

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